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From:David Harrison Date:August 30 2009 10:32am
Subject:Downloading old version of MySQL ?
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Hi all,

I'm trying to drag a database through the upgrade process from 5.0.32
but I keep running into small cross-version compatibility issues.

At present my live database is running 5.0.32 and is large enough that
it would take too long (read days) to perform an upgrade on, and
drives an important application for us that can't tolerate a
significant outage.  It's also gets frequent writes.

The plan I'm pursuing involves taking a db dump I have from a while
back, importing it into a newer version of MySQL, then letting
replication bring that newer version up to date.  This way I can bring
things along jump by jump until I make it to current.  However I keep
hitting replication bugs that mean I have to do this is small jumps -
for example I was working on 5.0.32 to 5.0.81 and hit this one

So it looks like I now need a 5.0.34 install to transition through,
but I can't find anywhere on the MySQL site that offers access to
previous releases like that, does anyone know where I can find them ?

I'm equally open to better solutions to my upgrade approach if anyone
has any :-)

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