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From:philip Date:August 25 2009 9:07am
Subject:Re: MySQL Encryption - Third-party tools
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On Mon, 24 Aug 2009, Mike Scully wrote:

> Hello, all.
> =20
> Can any of you share with me the names of any third-party tools or
> appliances that you are using to encrypt your MySQL databases?  I am
> doing a search and would like to narrow down the initial search list.
> Thanks!
> =20
> Mike

I use ccrypt from to encrypt databases
before storing them on removable media for offsite storage. 

Platform is a Sun Ultra 45 running Solaris 10 and the command looks 
something like,

	mysqldump db_name | bzip2 | ccrypt -e -k keyfile | ...

(Note the bzip2 in the pipeline. This reduces the size of the files by a 
factor of between 5-8.)

It's certainly more than fast enough for my needs. I suspect most of the
time is taken up by mysqldmp and writing the ouput to the external media. 


   Philip Riebold, p.riebold@stripped
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