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From:Pol Date:August 20 2009 6:24am
Subject: RE: text records and cross referencing
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Gavin Towey wrote:

> Hi Pol,
> MySQL support FULLTEXT indexes, and natural language searches, including
> Boolean conditions.  This may help you; however, you will have to adjust
> the default behavior of the index, but changing server settings.  By
> default there is a minimum word length which you will have to adjust, and
> a list of stopwords (words to ignore.)  Both of these will prevent you
> from indexing each and every word, and even still words that show up in
> most or all records will be ignored (and I don't know if you can change
> that behavior.)   The alternative, is using unindexed lookups, which would
> be very slow for any non-trivial application.

Thank you for you references. 
I am not an expert, so i hope to find a smart interface to mysql to set up
the server. 
> In all honesty, if this really is a "personal" application, you may be
> better off using another, simpler method.

What are your suggestions?

Thank you


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