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From:Matt Neimeyer Date:August 14 2009 4:52pm
Subject:Picking Collation Confusion
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First off... I've read chapter 9.1.3 on character sets and collations
and I'm still confused... :) (that could just be because today is

Our application is installed at several different sites some running
on Mac OS, some Windows and a few Linux which I suspect is what led to
this situation.

To deploy our app we basically do the following...

1. "create and test"
2. (on test server) mysqldump > export.sql
3. (on deployment server) mysql < export.sql

Now I need to move a set of changes from the test server to the
deployment server and I'm using mysqldiff to find the differences.

I've noticed that 90% of the changes are simply to align the collation
of fields and default collations for tables. Usually it's bouncing
between utf8_general_ci and latin1_swedish_ci.

99.99% of the records in our various customers databases will be
"normal" U.S. names and addresses but I know of a few customers that
target their base fairly narrowly and might POTENTIALLY need to enter
"foreign" names with accents and the like.

Ultimately what it comes down to is... how worried should I be about
making collations "universal" across at least a given customers
instances of the application? (If not all copies of the application
for all customers)

I already have a routine that I call "normalize database" that makes
sure default indexes are applied, etc... so it would be "easy" to add
to that routine to check for and "correct" collations but then do I
need to worry about existing data?

Thanks for the advice!

Picking Collation ConfusionMatt Neimeyer14 Aug
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