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From:Claudio Nanni Date:August 8 2009 1:14pm
Subject:storage upgrade in a replication cluster
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I would appreciate some valuable ideas from you all.

I have a replication setup with 1 master and 4 slaves,
I am short on disk space on all the 5 servers so I will move to another 
partition (SAN).

What is, according to you, the smoothest way to move all 5 servers from 
one partition to another with no or little downtime?
For all 5 servers copying data from the local disk to the new partition 
takes about half an hour.

I was thinking to move the slaves one by one to the new partition and 
then failover the master to one slave which should become the new master 
for all the servers (same hw/sw config)

Master is read/write of course and the 4 slaves are read only.

Any excellent ideas?


storage upgrade in a replication clusterClaudio Nanni8 Aug