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From:Martijn Tonies Date:August 6 2009 8:36am
Subject:Re: How to Detect MySql table update/difference
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>Hi, I'm a novel developer of MySql and now I am trying to create a mysql 
>query to detect table updates.
>I query a database table every X seconds, and i want to get only the 
>different rows in the table. The result that I want to have is simply
>TABLE (t = now) - TABLE (t = X second ago)
>Every time that i query the database I store the table situation in another 
>table, called TABLE_TEMP, so the operation of difference >detection is
>How can I do this query? The problem that I have is that I don't know the 
>structure of the table and I want to create a program with can be >used for 
>all types of data and tables.

Although in relational theory, a "relation" means the table or view and you
should be able to modify one relation to another, in SQL databases, it
doesn't work that way.

In SQL databases, a "table" doesn't get modified, you modify rows. A
table is nothing but a description of a certain structure. So in order to 
if any row in a table has been modified, you either need to have some kind
of timestamp in each row or keep a copy of the table since it's last 

Instead of querying the table, I guess you could write a trigger that 
a "metatable" that says a row has been added/deleted/modified for a
particular table.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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