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From:Alexander Kolesen Date:August 1 2009 6:10pm
Subject:Re: Table advice.
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Your query performs a full table scan, because if you match text with '%...' wildcard,
MySQL can't using index. Try to use external full-text
search engines like Sphinx ( or Lucene
> I have a database that I am (will) be using to track URL's. The table
> structure looks like this:
> (
>   timestamp     INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
>   ip            INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
>   fqdn          VARCHAR(255),
>   domain        VARCHAR(63),
>   tld           VARCHAR(63),
>   action        VARCHAR(4),
>   request       TEXT,
>   referrer      TEXT,
>   client        VARCHAR(255),
>   INDEX eid (eid),
>   INDEX timestamp (timestamp),
>   INDEX ip (ip),
>   INDEX fqdn (fqdn),
>   INDEX domain (domain),
>   INDEX tld (tld)
> );
> The is no real logic behind the indexes, the table was hobbled
> together looking at examples. Currently I am trying queries on about
> 300 million records and the results are pretty crappy. for example, a
> query like this:
> select domain,count(domain) as count from event where domain like
> '%facebook%' group by domain order by count desc;
> takes about 5 minutes to complete.
> Most of the queries will be like that above but probably with
> additional filters like date constraints or IP constraints or a
> mixture of both. I can also see searches through the requests for
> filetypes etc.
> Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
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