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From:hezjing Date:July 24 2009 5:27pm
Subject:Selecting from the range of serial numbers
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My stock serial number format is 00001A - 99999A, 00001B - 99999B ... 00001Z
- 99999Z.

These stocks are check in to warehouse in different order, so the worker may
check in the stocks like

00001A - 00100A
99999B - 00010C
00051B - 00070B

I have a table to keep track the stock check in transaction:


start_sequence int(10) unsigned
start_batch char(1)
end_sequence int(10) unsigned
end_batch char(1)

and the data for the above example will look like this:

start_sequence start_batch end_sequence end_batch
00001 A  00100 A
99999 B  00010 C
00051 B  00070 B

I couldn't figure out how to determine if a specific serial number is
already checked in into the warehouse.
Based on the above data, the serial number 00010A, 00001C and 00070B are
already checked in.

How would be the effective SQL looks like?

Thank you!



Selecting from the range of serial numbershezjing24 Jul
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