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From:Gary Smith Date:July 19 2009 7:48pm
Subject:RE: Slave log files going nuts...
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> From: Gavin Towey [mailto:gtowey@stripped]
> Sent: Friday, July 17, 2009 2:02 PM
> To: Gary Smith; Todd Lyons
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> Subject: RE: Slave log files going nuts...
> The binlogs are closed and reopened every time you do a FLUSH LOGS;
> command, or when the server restarts.  Is your server crashing
> continuously?  Take a look at your error log as well.
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> Gavin Towey


Tracking it down, the timestamp correlates with a mysqldump that I have a crontab for
which of course, has flush-logs.

/usr/bin/mysqldump --opt --flush-logs --all-databases --result-file=$FILENAME

I'm not sure if we want to flush the log files on this machine at this point.  It's a
tossup since there are multiple slaves hitting this guy replicating only specific tables
in some cases.  I would guess that we could always restore the entire backup and dump what
we want across to a new server before starting the incremental replication, but I'm still
working that plan up right now.

Anyway, thanks for the pointers to indentify the problem.  


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