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From:Scott Haneda Date:July 19 2009 6:03pm
Subject:Logins, php, legacy, old password
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Hello. It is time for some long overdue service consolidation on my end.

I have a production machine ready to go, running the latest MySql 5  

I have a legacy machine running MySql 4. As you know, version 4 used  
an older user account password system.

I also will be up against some data import/export changes.  
Specifically I think the timestamp column changed.

I want to move the data from 4 to 5. Here is my problem.

The http server that talks to MySql is ancient, unable to be updated.  
Http will remain on this legacy machine talking to MySql, using an  
equally ancient scripting language that does not, and can not support  
the new password format. This http server does not support MySql, so a  
local copy is not an option.

I believe I will need to set old style passwords. I'm trying to avoid  
multiple machines or multiple instances of MySql on the same database  

What are my options? I'll do the work to convert the data. This means  
scripting code that displays and formats timestamp data is going to  
break. I can dig deep into my long term memory and change the  
scripting code to solve the timestamp issues.

Are there other major issues besides timestamps? All inserts used NOW 
(), so I'm ok there. But display of timestamp to the user needs  
editing. It's controlled by a function so I should have a pretty easy  

But what about the passwords? I hear php 5 will not do old style  
passwords at all. So I can not just set old style passwords to  
accomodate my legacy systems.  Don't really want to either.

What I would like is to set old style passwords on a per account  
basis, but have the default be new methods. I suspect by nature of how  
this works that is not possible.

I'm really trying to consolidate. Yes, I can run a second server, but  
I would rather manage and maintain one, giving me the ability to  
retire a machine.
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Logins, php, legacy, old passwordScott Haneda19 Jul
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