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From:Darryle Steplight Date:July 17 2009 7:58pm
Subject:Re: ordering search results
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You might have to change the collation you are currently using to one
that best match the language of those weird accents you are referring
too. That's part of the reason you may be getting unexpected results
with your ORDER BY statement. Also, can you show us your select

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 11:06 AM, PJ<af.gourmet@stripped> wrote:
> Can't find anything on the web that deals with my problem(s).
> I have to display thousands of book listings by title, sub_title with 10
> books per page. The php/mysql code works fine - except:
> ASC or DESC does not change one iota.
> I have checked by commandline and find that it is not working at all how
> I would expect.
> From commandline, using just title and switching between ASC & DESC give
> totally different results rather than displaying the same data in
> reverse order.
> The display is, as mentioned above, 10 books per output page: so, from
> what appears to me, the ordering seems to be done on the entire db & not
> just on the search results (this is basically from a SELECT statement).
> Furthermore, not all the data is in 1 table; authors, categories &
> publishers are in separate tables because of 1 to many & many to 1
> relationships.
> Still another problem is the use of a number of foreign languages which
> have those strange accent on many letters that do not order very well.
> Now, that I have spewed out my problems, would it be possible that there
> is someone out there who could suggest how to go about figuring this out?
> Thanks in advance.
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