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From:Todd Lyons Date:July 15 2009 5:40pm
Subject:Re: Re: Copy 70GB ibdata, etc. and server won't start now (Action
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If a mailbox is protected by one of these types of services:
1) It should be smart enough to see mailing lists and use that as a
qualifying address to be allowed through.
2) It should be smart enough to not reply to bulk precedence mail
3) Or the mailbox should never be subscribed to a mailing list.

I'm firmly against these types of services, but then again I've never
seen one that met the criteria of #1 and #2.  Are there any
intelligent services out there?  #3 will cause people to cry about not
being fair and "I'm just trying to prevent spam."  My answer is no,
not being fair is someone expecting me to do their work for them just
so they can receive emails from a public list that they joined.

Regards...      Todd

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Regards...      Todd
Re: Re: Copy 70GB ibdata, etc. and server won't start now (Action Required)Todd Lyons15 Jul