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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:July 14 2009 3:39pm
Subject:RE: show warnings;
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I hope you mean that the SHOW WARNINGS statements follow the DDL statements.

If the DROP statements have the IF EXISTS modifier, then there should not be
any warnings shown in the output. If there are, something (less severe than
an outright error) is wrong with the CREATE statement. It might be some kind
of type coercion, or who knows what, but it should be investigated.

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>Subject: show warnings;
>I am returning to mysql after long break, so not experienced with
>details. I inherited a text file with the mysql DDL statements which
>create database and tables, etc. Each 'create' or 'drop' table statement
>is preceded with a 'show warnings' statement. Since this file is used to
>initialize a new database in mysql server, is there any reason to have
>warnings enabled like this? It seems the warning would be generated 100%
>of the time since the database did not exist before. So, my question is,
>is there some good reason to include 'show warnings' statements into a
>file that is intended to initialize a database that did not exist
>before? It seems unnecessary however perhaps there is some situation
>where this makes sense.
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