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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:July 13 2009 2:54pm
Subject:RE: MySQL Windows version
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>Subject: MySQL Windows version
>I have been using the Linux version of MySQL for five years, also used
>it on
>a Windows ME system even though documents said you couldn't. Recent a
>asked me to help him get it up and running on a Windows Vista system.
[JS] Piece of cake, believe it or not.

>I was looking for the system configuration requirements but could not
>them in the manual (or I missed them)? We want to use localhost.
[JS] The only "trick" with using localhost is that it goes through the
network stack, so do NOT disable that.

>Do you need Apache and PHP? Is there a Windows application that works
[JS] You can use IIS, Apache, or Tomcat; MySQL is completely oblivious to
any and all web servers.
>phpMyAdmin? I tried MySQLAdmin on my Linux system, but I could not cut
>paste SQL Commands into the editor.
[JS] I use PHPAdmin. When you install the Windows MSI package for PHP, it
will ask you which web server you want to configure. You'll want to run the
MSI using admin privileges.

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>Anything pointing to the above would be helpful.
>Thanks in advance.
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