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From:mos Date:July 13 2009 2:10pm
Subject:Re: Uploading large files with mySQL
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At 07:08 AM 7/13/2009, you wrote:
>I'm developing a web application that requires to store large files in a
>MySQL database. The files can range up to 2Gb.
>In my understanding the upper limit for the SQL queries (thus insert
>queries) is 1GB. I'm trying, for the time being, to upload files of sizes
>around 65MB, but I still get some errors - including the "MySQL server has
>gone away".
>I followed the discussion in other post, and I properly set all the system
>variables (max_allowed_packet_size, wait_timeout) to the maximum value, but
>the error still occurs.
>Would you suggest looking at something in particular?

You are storing 1-2gb "files?" in a database??? Why? What are you trying to 

As Johan said, SQL is not meant to do this and I see no reason why you 
would want to. It is like trying to shove an elephant into a phone booth 
and then be disappointed he can't do tricks.

You are going to have to rethink the problem you are trying to solve. If 
you want to tell us what the problem is, maybe the people on this group can 


>For the time being, just to try this, I'm inserting the file through the
>MySQL Query Browser - just not to add other possible sources of problems on
>top of that.

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