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From:russbucket Date:July 12 2009 2:21pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Windows version
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B J Ambrose wrote:

> russbucket wrote:
>> I agree with you, but phpMyAdmin is not available for Windows that I'm
>> aware of. The person I'm helping today is a windows user and except for a
>> little Access Experience does not do databases well. I have the database
>> set up in mysql so thats what I am hoping to get him using. Other choice
>> is use Excel.
>> So I hope one of these recommendations works.
>> Thank for your response.
> As phpMyadmin is a web application run through a web server, there is no
> Linux or Windows version. They all work on any web server.
> You just un zip/rar/tar etc. the latest version to your web server
> folder as explained in the documentation.
Thanks we got that done and can get to mysql from the command line and from 
SQLyog812. Had trouble from the browser with phpmyadmin which I prefer, but 
I'm sure its because he forgot to install Apache. Will do that tomorrow or 
Tuesday. We are running on localhost only. Need to find the server folder on 
XP and check it also. 

Thanks for your input it was a help, been to long since I worked on MS 
OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE 4.2.4, release 2
Intel DX48BT2 Core 2 Dual E7200. 4 GB DDR III
GeForce 8400 GS, 320GB Disc (2)

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