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From:Gary Smith Date:July 11 2009 4:16pm
Subject:RE: Re: Replication, Stored Proceedures and Databases
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> You dont have changes coming from db G since it is ignored from
> replication.
> Why dont You move all stored procs in a separate db and replicate it as
> well? You will use it as a 'library' for all of your dbs. Of course
> prepose
> your schema name, always. You dont have to change replication type in
> This
> case. Cheers, Claudio

Database G is just that, a library for the stored procedures.  Anyway, as mentioned in the
other email, replicating all of the tables solved the problem.  As for the schema name, I
always include it on all queries.  I found that it was much easier to always to it instead
of only doing it when I need to and forgetting.  I work with Oracle and I'm always doing
stuff in another schema so I do it out of habit.

Thanks guys for the follow up. 

I think someone should add a clear statement to the doc's regarding the cross schema
replication for stored procedures and tables, when the active database is not the
replicated database, even though the affected table is in a replicated database.  The docs
are currently vague on this.
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