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From:russbucket Date:July 11 2009 1:26pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Windows version
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Marcus Bointon wrote:

> On 10 Jul 2009, at 17:18, mos wrote:
>>> Is there a Windows application that works like
>>> phpMyAdmin? I tried MySQLAdmin on my Linux system, but I could not
>>> cut and
>>> paste SQL Commands into the editor.
> You could run php (and thus phpmyadmin) on windows - in contrast with
> earlier versions, 5.3 is actually pretty good.
>> Try SQLYog since it is my favorite. Download the free community
>> edition at
> The problem I've had with every GUI MySQL client I've tried is that
> they attempt to download whole tables on a regular basis. If you have
> large tables that makes them completely unusable. FileMaker Pro does
> the same thing too. phpMyAdmin is the only one I've found that's
> reliable and immune to that particular problem. There are probably X
> apps you could run remotely that could solve the same problem, though
> not for Windows.
> Marcus
I agree with you, but phpMyAdmin is not available for Windows that I'm aware 
of. The person I'm helping today is a windows user and except for a little 
Access Experience does not do databases well. I have the database set up in 
mysql so thats what I am hoping to get him using. Other choice is use Excel. 

So I hope one of these recommendations works.

Thank for your response.
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