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From:christudas dai Date:July 8 2009 5:17am
Subject:Fw: General MySQL Question
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Thank you for contacting MySQL,

You are likely to get a more detailed response to your question if you
ask on the forums site at or on an appropriate
mailing list at

Hope this helps,

MySQL Web Team

Your query was:

I have an existing database for one of our elearning portals. This
support request is to give us information on how an already existing
database can be encrypted? Is there a query that can encrypt the
database? we are planning to use the ENCODE() and DECODE()for encoding
the data into the database and decrypting the data while retrieving
information from database.

Pls do let us know.

Thanks & Regards,

MySQL <>


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Fw: General MySQL Questionchristudas dai8 Jul