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From:Brian R Timmins Date:April 21 1999 2:56pm
Subject:Re: NT vs Linux
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> Just out of interest, Brian, can you tell us anything about
> the relative "reboot frequency" of the two boxes?

> Just recently I had to powerdown one of my Linux servers to
> allow work on the mains power supply and was rather annoyed
> because it was just short of one year [331 days as I recall].

> My experience of NT has been "one reboot a week or it will
> slow to a crawl and then fall over"...

If it does not fall over for other reasons anyway...

My Linux box had been running for seven months before I
installed Sybase on it and has been running for three months

NT is so unreliable that I don't keep it running at all, but
power it up just for testing purposes.

But then as a freelance consultant I can do that... yippeeee

More seriously I would not recommend an NT server
for any mission critical job whatsoever.

Regards, Brian

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