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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 15 2009 9:10pm
Subject:Re: The size of an index (INDEX_LENGTH)
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In the last episode (Jun 15), Morten said:
> I dropped an index on a table with 25M records today. The INDEX_LENGTH  
> in information_schema.tables shrank from 3834642432 to 3215982592, ie.  
> ~618Mb difference
> The index was on an int(11) column.
> That means each index key takes up ~618Mb/25M ~= 25 bytes but that  
> doesn't sound right? Is that true, or is information_schema.tables  
> unreliable or?

Innodb or MyISAM?  According to

a MyISAM index should be around 25M*(4+8)/.67=450 MB, quite a bit smaller
than your delta.  Innodb, however, gets closer to your number.

Each row in a secondary index contains the keys in that index, plus the
primary keys, and given random insertion (which is common for secondary
keys) index pages between 1/2 and 15/16ths full.  So if your primary key is
also a NOT NULL INT, the index should be 25M*16 = 400MB worth of data plus
between 25 and 200MB of slack space.  600 is at the very top end of that
range, so I think your primary key is larger than a plain INT.

	Dan Nelson
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