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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 10 2009 5:05pm
Subject:Re: slow select when using VIEW
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In the last episode (Jun 10), Yariv Omer said:
> I have created the following 2 views:

> CREATE VIEW `cpes_noise_num` AS
[ big view]
> CREATE VIEW `my_connect` AS
[ big view joining on cpes_noise_num ]
> when I am trying to do something like:
> SELECT count(*) from my_connect
> It takes 1 minute to return while doing the same query by explicitly using
> directly the select states above without the VIEW return after 1 second.
> Can it be that the VIEW doesn't work with the tables indexes or something
> like that?

Mysql's view optimization is very rudimentary.  If it can trivially
substitute the view definition into your original query, it will do so;
otherwise it has to create a temporary table containing the view, and
reference that table instead.  "EXPLAIN SELECT count(*) from my_connect"
should make it obvious which one mysql is using in your case.

You'll probably have to embed your cpes_noise_num view inside the my_connect
view as a subquery instead.

	Dan Nelson
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