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From:Amr Mostafa Date:June 6 2009 8:13pm
Subject:Re: high performance test data/test query generator
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I usually simulate the load of the whole stack, by benchmarking the
application directly using a tool such as jMeter. Loading MySQL specifically
with read/write patterns similar to those of the real application can be
useful, but quite hard to accomplish.

One easy way of doing that is to enable logging in your server and capture
the statements executed over a day or so, then extract the SQL statements
into a separate file. You can use then use a tool such as mysqlslap
(available since 5.1) to execute those statements in a number of iterations
with a given concurrency on your benchmarking box.

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 2:05 PM, petya <petya@stripped> wrote:

> Anyone else? You guys don't simulate realistic workload in benchmark just
> do sysbench or something like that? If there were a tool for that (which can
> handle data generation, initial database generation, and query generation,
> maybe it's output will be a jmeter test case) would you do so?
> Peter
> petya wrote:
>> I use jmeter too, but it can't generate the test dataset (if I have to
>> write this, I plan that it will create a jmeter test case with the generated
>> test data). Usually my ad-hoc script generates csv files (to load initial
>> data) and jmeter test cases.
>> Michael Dykman wrote:
>>> On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 9:41 AM, petya <petya@stripped> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> We have lots of mysql servers, master-slave and sharded databases. A
>>>> recurring task when a new feature/application comes in to test the
>>>> database
>>>> with real workload. This needs test data and test query generation.
>>>> Until
>>>> now I did this with ad-hoc scripts, I looked for tools to do this, so
>>>> far I
>>>> found nothing.
>>>> The closest thing to this was benerator, but it doesn't generate test
>>>> queries. I need to measure write performance too (or concurrent
>>>> read/write
>>>> performance), so it would be good if I can tell the tool to generate
>>>> bulk
>>>> inserts with n records or generate a csv file or generate single
>>>> insert...
>>>> statements, so I can simulate the application's workload (of course I
>>>> can do
>>>> this with the application itself, but in development stage it is
>>>> important
>>>> to see how the database itself performs).
>>>> Does such a tool exists? No problem if it is mysql only. If not, I think
>>>> I
>>>> will write one.
>>>> Peter Boros
>>> It is by no means the only such tool, but I have often use JMeter as
>>> an all-purpose load-generation tool.  It has good support for database
>>> testing among other things..
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