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From:petya Date:June 4 2009 11:05am
Subject:Re: high performance test data/test query generator
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Anyone else? You guys don't simulate realistic workload in benchmark 
just do sysbench or something like that? If there were a tool for that 
(which can handle data generation, initial database generation, and 
query generation, maybe it's output will be a jmeter test case) would 
you do so?


petya wrote:
> I use jmeter too, but it can't generate the test dataset (if I have to 
> write this, I plan that it will create a jmeter test case with the 
> generated test data). Usually my ad-hoc script generates csv files (to 
> load initial data) and jmeter test cases.
> Michael Dykman wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 9:41 AM, petya <petya@stripped> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We have lots of mysql servers, master-slave and sharded databases. A
>>> recurring task when a new feature/application comes in to test the 
>>> database
>>> with real workload. This needs test data and test query generation. 
>>> Until
>>> now I did this with ad-hoc scripts, I looked for tools to do this, so 
>>> far I
>>> found nothing.
>>> The closest thing to this was benerator, but it doesn't generate test
>>> queries. I need to measure write performance too (or concurrent 
>>> read/write
>>> performance), so it would be good if I can tell the tool to generate 
>>> bulk
>>> inserts with n records or generate a csv file or generate single 
>>> insert...
>>> statements, so I can simulate the application's workload (of course I 
>>> can do
>>> this with the application itself, but in development stage it is 
>>> important
>>> to see how the database itself performs).
>>> Does such a tool exists? No problem if it is mysql only. If not, I 
>>> think I
>>> will write one.
>>> Peter Boros
>> It is by no means the only such tool, but I have often use JMeter as
>> an all-purpose load-generation tool.  It has good support for database
>> testing among other things..
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