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From:Gerald L. Clark Date:May 29 2009 8:07pm
Subject:Re: Why can't I kill the query cache?
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Little, Timothy wrote:
> Also titled, I want this to run slow ALL the time...
> I have a group of dreadful queries that I have to optimize.  
> Some take 20-30 seconds each -- the first time that I run them.  But
> then they never seem to take that long after the first time (taking less
> than a second then).  If I change the "keywords" searched for in the
> where clauses, then they take a long time again... so it's the
> query-cache or something just like it.
> BUT, I am doing this each time :
> flush tables;
> reset query cache;
> set global query_cache_size=0;
> SELECT   SQL_NO_CACHE DISTINCT ca.conceptid AS headingid,
> And still it's not avoiding the cache.
> Is there a cache I'm missing?
> Tim...
Disk cache, but I don't know how to clear it.
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