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From:John Meyer Date:May 22 2009 4:42pm
Subject:Re: Date Time
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Janek Bogucki wrote:
> Hi John,
> includes
> some information about acceptable literal forms for dates and times.
> 'Thu May 21 03:15:28 +0000 2009' is not an acceptable literal form but
> this is how to parse it APART from the time zone component. I could not
> see from the documentation how to specify the time zone component so the
> format below IGNORES the time zone.
> mysql> create table t(d datetime);
> mysql> insert into t(d) values(str_to_date('Thu May 21 03:15:28 +0000 2009', '%a
> %b %e %H:%i:%s +0000 %Y'));
BTW, how would you work that with offsets that were a different value 
(say +0700).
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