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From:Michael Dykman Date:May 22 2009 1:25pm
Subject:Re: cannot alter table - solved
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On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 12:26 AM, PJ <af.gourmet@stripped> wrote:
> Michael Dykman wrote:
>> On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 11:06 PM, PJ <af.gourmet@stripped> wrote:
>>> I have a seemingly impossible situation. I cannot insert values into the
>>> tables and I cannot alter or delete the primary key (which should not
>>> exist) or delete the foreign keys nor remove the constraint. G search
>>> doesn't help.
>>> CREATE TABLE `book_categories` (
>>>  `bookID` smallint(6) unsigned NOT NULL,
>>>  `categories_id` int(2) unsigned NOT NULL,
>>>  PRIMARY KEY (`bookID`,`categories_id`),
>>>  KEY `fk_book_categories_books` (`bookID`),
>>>  KEY `fk_book_categories_categories` (`categories_id`),
>>>  CONSTRAINT `book_categories_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`book_id`) REFERENCES
>>> Anybody out there still up? I'm rather desperate to fix this this evening...
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> We will need a little more information.  The table looks sound but is
>> clearly designed to link  2 other tables.  If you are failing to
>> insert or update, it seems likely that it is because the data is
>> absent in the foreign tables.  Can you confirm?  Because without that
>> forgeign data, these rows are pretty meaningless.
>> What is it you are trying to do?
> I was trying to insert some records to fill up empty id numbers and in
> the process noticed that there is a primary key in the tables but
> unnecessary if I am not mistaken. Also the book_categories.categories_id
> should be referencing -- I think I had somehow wet up the
> table erroneously.
> The problem was that one of the books was not entered as it should have
> and I was assuming it had been entered (2 others were at the same time -
> using phpMyAdmin instead of my insert page).
> It now works with minimal bugs on the back-end, but the panic is over.
> I'll try to fix the primary key issue next.
> Thanks for the quick response.

I would suggest that the primary key is imoprtant.  All relational
tables  need a primary key and, in this particular case, the primary
key is what is preventing you from creating duplicate rows.

If anything needs to go:
      KEY `fk_book_categories_books` (`bookID`),
bookID, being the first part of your compound primary key, is
effectively indexed already.  The key listed above is quite

 - michael dykman
 - mdykman@stripped

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