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From:Alex Katebi Date:May 18 2009 1:33pm
Subject:Native Function
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Hi All,

   I am using the mysql embedded library (libmysqld) in my application.  I
am using triggers and calling a C/C++ function in my application. This is
how I convey configuration changes to my application.
I think my only choice is to make a Native Function in the mysql source code
since UDF is not avialable in libmysqld. It would be nice if there were a
generic function for this purpose that would take two string arguments and
return an integer. This way I can use it for anywhere I need to tie in
triggers to my application.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this. I mean invoking an application
C/C++ function from mysql stored procedures?

Thanks in andvance!

Native FunctionAlex Katebi18 May
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