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From:Scott Haneda Date:May 15 2009 7:48am
Subject:Re: Replication config
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On May 12, 2009, at 11:11 PM, Simon J Mudd wrote:

> 1. Ensure binlogging is enabled on the master.
> 2. Ensure you setup grant permissions so the slave can connect to  
> the master.
> 3. Configure on the slave the replication (which databases need to  
> be replicated)
> 4. Get the master and slave in sync (via rsync, load/dump or whatever)
> 5. Run show master status on the master (assuming binlogging is  
> enabled)
>   to get the current position on the master
> 6. use CHANGE MASTER TO on the slave providing the appropriate  
> permissions.
> 8. Use: show slave status\G to check how the replication is working,  
> and
>   and adjust as necessary.

Also, how do I set the slave to be read only?  I set read-only in  
my.cnf and it made all databases read only.  I want to limit just the  
replicated database to be read only.  The rest of them are production  
databases in normal use by clients.

I suppose just not having a login and pass to the replicated database  
is more than enough?
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