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From:Andrew Braithwaite Date:May 11 2009 9:26pm
Subject:RE: Merging Databases
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If you are merging table A and table B and say, table A's auto-increment
id is up to 2000, just pick a nice round number like 3000 and add it to
the auto-increment ID column of table B with something like this:

UPDATE tableB SET id = id + 3000;

Then do the same to all the fields in other tables that link to tableB's
auto-increment ID column.

Once that's done, merge the tables with something like:


And do the same with the other tables (if they have their own
autoincrement ids then you should leave that out of the insert into
select from (unless those auto-increment ids are referenced by other
tables in which case you'll have to do the same thing cascading down
levels of referential id columns..)

Should do the trick.


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We don't want to use a view because then this database will not
be consistent with the others.
We can't simply use a select from .. insert into because when we
table1's ID column, items in table2 and 3 and so on may link to the ID
column in that table. So we need to update the ID column in table1, then
the same # to the table1_id columns in any other table. After we do
this, we
could do the select from.. insert into method I suppose.


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> Hi,
> I have a lot of databases that have the exact same tables and each
> has
> the exact same column structure. I'm looking at merging two of these
> databases together into a single database (Company A bought Company B
> wants the data from A combined into B now).
> I've been tossing around the idea of looking in database B at each
> that would need to be "merged" and simply adding the last ID number to
> every
> ID number in database A's tables. For example, in table1 in B's data,
> last ID number is 2000, could we simply add 2000 to every ID number in
> table1 in A's data? Could we then export (SELECT INTO OUTFILE) from
> data
> and import (LOAD DATA) into B's data?
> Has anyone done something like this before? Did you have problems?
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> Why not create a view and just concatenate on an identifier? This way
> data can be kept in the same forms.
> Or, if you do want to have it as one table, you can use a select
> statement to move from one to another. Build the select query first to
> the data looking like you want it, then convert it when you think you
> ready.
> Of course, backups are your friend in any case.  :)
> Cheers,
> Craig
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