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From:Gary Smith Date:May 7 2009 3:48pm
Subject:RE: Problems After MySql 5.1.34
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You are right.  I misspoke regarding mysql -> php -> apache hell.  It happens
anytime an interface changes.  

From: Mark [admin@stripped]
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 5:57 AM
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: RE: Problems After MySql 5.1.34

Gary wrote:

> Welcome to the hell that is php + apache + mysql. If you upgrade your
> MySql (especially major versions 5.0 => 5.1) you will also need to
> recompile php against the new MySql client libs. We've had very
> limited success trying to get it to work otherwise.

Well, you don't actually have to recompile PHP entirely, of course: just
its extension.

@TS: Other than that, you basically need to recompile *everything* (or its
mysql dynamic libraries) when you upgrade MySQL. This includes Perl, btw;
so you'd need to build DBD:mysql as well (same for Python, etc).

Walter wrote:

> Any (major)upgrade of mysql client requires the dependent subsystem to
> upgrade also. Anything else would be careless since you do not know if the
> interface has changed.

Actually, you *do* know: that's what the changelog is for. :) When C
header changes are made, an upgrade is in order. If not, when upgrading
between minor versions, say, from 5.0.51 -> 5.0.67 (just an example), you
won't need to recompile all system-wide MySQL client extensions. I've done
this many times, without issue: you just need to be absolutely sure no
header changes were made (when in doubt, recompile).

I recently upgraded to 5.1.34 as well; and it was indeed a hell. :) It's
working just fine, but I spent several hours recompiling MySL client
stuff; without doing so, your apps will likely behave erratically, or just
segfault altogether.

This isn't a MySL hell exclusively, btw. You'll get the same issue
upgrading PostgreSQL, or BerkeleyDB, etc. It's just the nature of the

- Mark

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