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From:Gary Smith Date:May 7 2009 3:44pm
Subject:RE: Problems After MySql 5.1.34
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Typically we see the problems with RH/Cent when you upgrade through those channels and
then do an install of the 5.1.x series on top of that.  I tried it about 9 months ago, so
the details are fuzzy.  I do know that in attempts to recover we extracted the RPM
contents and tried to copy them manually to satisfy the dependency but in the end that
didn't work for us for some reason.

We ended up just creating a new RPM for 5.1.x and then recompiling the dependent apps
against that and storing all of them in our own repo for yum update.

From: Joerg.Bruehe@stripped [Joerg.Bruehe@stripped]
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 2:40 AM
To: Gary Smith
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Subject: Re: Problems After MySql 5.1.34

Hi Gary, all,

Gary Smith wrote:
> Johnny,
> Welcome to the hell that is php + apache + mysql.  If you upgrade your MySql
> (especially major versions 5.0 => 5.1) you will also need to recompile php against the
> new MySql client libs.  We've had very limited success trying to get it to work
> otherwise.

Which other approach(es) did you try?

> This is why you are receiving the error through PHP.
> Of course, I could be wrong, in which case I know people will probably jump me for
> it.  If this is the case, please do as I would like to be wrong here as it would make my
> compiling life easier every time I update MySql on all of my boxes.

Please see my other mail:

- Using "tar.gz", the old version of the client libs should not be
  touched when you upgrade MySQL.

- Using RPMs, you need to install "shared-compat" (and not "shared") if
  you are using application binaries built against older version(s).

If you found any problems with this, please tell us!

We are considering to change the contents of "shared-compat" RPMs, so
that they would not replace "shared" any more but just complement it
(bring just the old libs, not the current one).
The advantage would be that you then can install (or uninstall) them
without affecting your clients built against the current version,
especially those coming from MySQL directly.
However, this would mean a change in usage pattern for existing users,
and we are not yet sufficiently sure that our users would welcome it.


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