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From:Chen Shiyuan Date:April 21 1999 1:15pm
Subject:PAM Authentication via MySQL Database?
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I'm currently using a RedHat Linux 5.2 patched to kernel 2.2 machine and
is wondering if there is anyone out there who has managed to get his
machine to do authentication to a MySQL database?

I saw a PAM module in the contribs but the module looks pretty outdated
and there is no docs whatsoever as to how to use it.

BTW, has anyone managed to get radiusd to do authentication via a MySQL
database server? I do not have the source code so I cannot try it out but
if anyone out there has the binary and can give it to me, I'll be most

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to help me?

Many thanks in advance!

PAM Authentication via MySQL Database?Chen Shiyuan21 Apr