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From:Andrew Braithwaite Date:May 4 2009 5:01pm
Subject:RE: Slowness connecting to MySQL
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It could be slow reverse DNS lookups.  Make sure the hostname/IP of the
client are in the server's host file.  Or try connecting to the server
using an IP address instead of hostname.


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Subject: Slowness connecting to MySQL

Please forgive the crossposting between the two groups. The problem I am

having SEEMS to be a mysql and not a MyODBC problem but I cannot be sure

so I am opening this question to both lists. If I have violated protocol

in doing so, please accept my apologies.

I have MySQL running under Ubuntu Server 8.04. The server is on a 
network and is used for a desktop application programmed with Visual 
FoxPro running on windows workstations. Everything worked PERFECTLY 
until just recently.

Then the client had to reboot the server. There was nothing wrong with 
the server, he shut it down because he thought he would have to move the

box. He did NOT move the box, as it turns out, and he turned the box 
back on. Ever since then, connecting to the box with the app has been S 
L O W. Like 10-20 seconds slow. Since nothing has changed, I cannot 
figure out what the heck is going on.

This is a small application with fewer than 5 users. The box is used 
ONLY for mysql (and WebMin).

Any ideas on how to debug this would be GREATLY appreciated.

The VERSION variable returns 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.4

Thank you in advance and my apologies again if I have violated protocol.

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