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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 20 1999 2:06pm
Subject:Re: Performance
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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Bunce <Tim.Bunce@stripped> writes:


Tim> Mostly I use Oracle and MySQL. I know what both are good and bad at.
Tim> So I have to question people who make unqualified statements about
Tim> "MySQL is much faster than X".

I agree; MySQL is of course not always faster than other SQL servers,
but we try to fix that by adding new optimizations the whole time (but
as I have said before, this is an ever ending job and other engines
improves too)

Matt is for example working on a query cache that will make MySQL much
faster for web-type application where you repeatedly ask the same
query over and over again...

Anyway, if you have some examples of type of queries that Oracle is
much faster than MySQL, I would really like to see those (so that I can put
optimization for these on my TODO list if they aren't there already :)

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