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From:Dominik Klein Date:April 30 2009 7:30am
Subject:Question regards mysqldump and replication
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I have a question regarding mysql replication and mysqldump.

I have a master (A). All my clients insert/update/delete only to this
master. Then I have a Slave (B). This slave only replicates the master.
There are no other processes changing/inserting data into the Slave. The
slave also logs binlog so I could replicate from that server as well.

Now I want a chained Slave ( like A -> B -> C , C being the chained slave).

So my idea is: stop replication on B so no changes during dump, dump its
master status, mysqldump all databases. Then load the dump on C and
configure slave on C according to the master status from B.

I did that and end up in hundreds of duplicate key errors. How can that
be? What should I do now? Do I need to wait for some settling after I
have "stop slave" on B and before starting the actual mysqldump?

Mysql Version is 5.0.51b on A and B, 5.0.77 on C, operating system is linux.

Question regards mysqldump and replicationDominik Klein30 Apr
  • Re: Question regards mysqldump and replicationShawn Green3 May