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From:Gary Smith Date:April 29 2009 5:06pm
Subject:RE: Partition of Mysql
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I've had mixes results but you might have better success.  As John mentioned, there are a
couple factors that you need to take into account.

How much data are you talking about (physical size and number of rows).  I know you say 15
years of data but is that 100's of millions of rows?

Give you more information and we can probably give you a better answer.  Maybe a table
structure and numbers behind it would be nice.  


From: Lin Chun [franks1984@stripped]
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 7:49 AM
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: Partition of Mysql


I have a table that stores huge rows in 15 years, now we have to do some
analysis about these row in Time dimension.To gain performance,at  begining,
i've extrait the data according to years from my DB to build my fact table.
But since I have 15 fact tables, that complicate my olap cube.Today, i found
that mysql surpport partition table since 5.1, i wanna know is it work well
? I mean that is it more efficace than table with-out partitions?
I don't want to transformer the data again, as it takes too much time, is it
possible to  just alter my orignal table to add the partitions by years,

excuse my poor english writing and thank you for your answers
Lin Chun
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