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From:Claudio Nanni Date:April 28 2009 10:43pm
Subject:Re: Question on replication terminology
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Hi there,
I would only like to stress that the only supported (and recommended) 
replication solution in MySQL is
Master--->Slave  replication.
In this scenario you can have ONLY one master and (virtually) any number 
of slaves.
There is NO other safe replication solution.
The terms you mention seems to refer to the same solution, where you 
have two servers each acting as a master:
this is a non standard dangerous scenario in MySQL and requires 
application logic awareness.

Hope to have brought a little light in your mind


Vikram Vaswani wrote:
> Hi
> I'm new to replication and looking through some docs on how to use it. Could
> someone please tell me if the following terms mean the same thing or, if
> not, what is the difference:
> master-master replication
> dual-master replication
> bidirectional replication
> -BT

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