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From:Dilip Kumar Parikh Date:April 28 2009 2:54pm
Subject:RE: Copying to tmp table
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Hi Caldi,

Can I knew what kind of table type you are using and also try to send me
the explain plan of the query execution.
I would like to know what kind of keys are being used.

Thanks & Regards,
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From: Carlos Eduardo Caldi [mailto:ce_caldi@stripped] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 8:19 PM
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: Copying to tmp table

Hi friends

I have a proble with Copying to tmp table with large tables, table have
more than 3 million rows

EXPLAIN da Query :

Table         : log0904
Type          : ref
Possible_keys :
Key           : grp_tiporeg_tipolig_dtlig
Key_Len       : 7
Ref           : const
Rows          : 11554
Extra         : Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort

I kill my queries with more than 60 seconds

Time (sec) : 75
User     : logs
Maquina     :
BD          : logs
Thread      : 18811390
State       : Copying to tmp table
Query       : SELECT tipo_atendimento
,login_operador,sum(duracao_operador) as duracao_operador, count(*)as
total FROM log0904 Where   grupo = '1172' AND  data_ligacao =
'2009-04-27' and hora_ligacao_ini between '17:00:00' and  '17:59:59'
AND empresa = 'EXTREME-U'   AND tipo_registro in ('L','T') GROUP BY

Somebody kwons a kind of tunning can I do?


Carlos Caldi 

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