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From:Alagar samy Date:April 27 2009 6:48am
Subject:innodb_thread_concurrency at runtime in 4.1 ?
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i am using mysql_server-4.1.23 and in the documentation of 4.1
( , it is mentioned
innodb_thread_concurrency variable can be set at runtime.

but i am getting error when trying to set dynamically .. 

mysql> SET GLOBAL innodb_thread_concurrency=4;
ERROR 1193 (HY000): Unknown system variable 'innodb_thread_concurrency'

still throws error when tried as set @innodb_thread_concurrency and set global
@innodb_thread_concurrency ...

can you please let me know whether 4.1 documentation is misleading or  this is a bug in
mysql-4.1 (as in, this variable cannot be set at run-time) ?

PS : i am able to set innodb_thread_concurrency variable at runtime in mysql-5.1 .. but
this is not an option for me now .. i have to go with 4.1 at this point .. 


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innodb_thread_concurrency at runtime in 4.1 ?Alagar samy27 Apr
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