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From:Mauricio Tellez Date:April 27 2009 2:06am
Subject:dynamic table name
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Hi, I'm creating a stored procedure and inside this procedure I have a
CREATE TABLE statement, but I want to make a dynamic table for this table.
Also, this table name is passed as a parameter for another SP, but instead
of get the value of the parameter, I got the name of the parameter. For

CREATE PROEDURE my_test_sp()
     DECLARE my_table CHAR(32);
     SET my_table = UNIX_TIMESTAMP();

     CREATE TABLE my_table (
     id int,
     name char(64));

     call nested_sp(my_table);

CREATE PROCEDURE nested_sp(my_table CHAR(32))
   INSERT INTO my_table 1, 'John Doe';

of course nested_sp is very silly, but the idea is the same. When I run
this, I found that there is no table name like '20080426...' but I get a
table 'my_table', how can I fix this?

Mauricio Tellez

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