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From:Matthew Stuart Date:April 22 2009 5:53pm
Subject:my final 1064 error
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Here is my final problem that I am struggling to overcome...

SELECT Vouchers.VoucherID, Vouchers.VoucherCode, Vouchers.StartDate,  
Vouchers.EndDate, Vouchers.Discount, Vouchers.VoucherTypeID
FROM Vouchers
WHERE (((DateDiff('d',[StartDate],Date()))>=0) AND ((DateDiff('d', 

Basically, the error is on the WHERE line of the query, and I assume  
it is something to do with the DateDiff, but I don't know if there is  
a MySQL equivalent. Also, is Date() valid MySQL?


my final 1064 errorMatthew Stuart22 Apr
  • Re: my final 1064 errorPeter Brawley22 Apr