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From:Matthew Stuart Date:April 22 2009 3:56pm
Subject:1064 errors
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Hi, I have several procedures that I have taken from an old Microsoft  
database, and I have tired to use them in a MySQL 5.1.32 database, but  
I am getting errors when trying to input them. There are three in  
total that I am struggling with and would appreciate some guidance...

This is a cross selling query:

CREATE PROCEDURE 'xxxxx'.'CrossSelling' ()
SELECT TOP 5 OrderDetails.ProductID, OrderDetails.ProductName,  
Count(OrderDetails.ProductID) AS CountOfProductID
FROM OrderDetails
WHERE (((OrderDetails.OrderID) In (select OrderID from OrderDetails  
where ProductID=[pid])))
GROUP BY OrderDetails.ProductID, OrderDetails.ProductName
HAVING (((OrderDetails.ProductID)<>[pid]))
ORDER BY Count(OrderDetails.ProductID) DESC;

Error is: 1064

'5 OrderDetails.ProductID, OrderDetails.ProductName,  
Count(OrderDetails.ProductID' at line 3

If somebody could give me an idea of what is wrong here with regards  
to it working with MySQL, I might be able to make the other two  
problem functions work with out too many tears.


1064 errorsMatthew Stuart22 Apr
  • Re: 1064 errorsPeter Brawley22 Apr