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From:russbucket Date:April 21 2009 1:25pm
Subject:Re: Sun bought by Oracle
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Arthur Fuller wrote:

> I think that you'e being paranoid. IMO, Oracle will continue to support
> and develop mySQL. Further, I think that these concerns about the future
> of mySQL overlook the points behind the purchase:
> 1. To obtain the Sun hardware and thus provide a complete hardware and
> software solution.
> 2. To further optimize Oracle to take full advantage of the Solaris OS.
> 3. To continue to support Linux.
> 4. To get Java and thus penetrate the mobile device marketplace.
> 5. And finally, to grow Oracle revenues by $1B+ a year and growing. Given
> the purchase price, the acquisition will pay for itself within 5 years.
> Compared to all these reasons, the mySQL part of the acquisition is small
> potatoes.
> Arthur
> On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 11:44 AM, Curtis Maurand 
> wrote:
>> I figure that they'll either kill mysql or they'll limit the commnunity
>> version in ways that will make you purchase a commercial version if you
>> want
>> to continue to use it.  I figure there will be heavy migrations to open
>> source alternatives.
>> --C
>> Andy Shellam wrote:
>>> I've just been made aware by a client that Oracle have purchased Sun
>>> Microsystems.  The article below on Sun's website mentions that 
>>> are committed to Linux and "other open platforms" and mentions the fact
>>> that Java touches practically every business system around.
>>> I wonder what Oracle's plans are when it comes to MySQL?  There is 
>>> mention of MySQL in the above article.  Will it eventually come under
>>> the Oracle umbrella, much like BerkeleyDB did?
>> --
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I know this is the MySQL list but there is another Sun product that this 
effects and that is VirtualBox. I've used MySQL for years and hope Oracle 
does not stop it, but you never know with Ellison encharge!  

Just my 2 cents.
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