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From:Fred Read Date:April 21 1999 12:09pm
Subject:Re: NT vs Linux
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Brian Timmins wrote:
> ...
> I have two identical 2-processor pentium boxes, 128 Meg, 
> 4Gig SCSI, both running Sybase 11033, one with NT4 and the 
> other Linux5.  Both are optimised by experts (in the case 
> of NT, NOT me :-)) to run Sybase only.
> In purely memory intensive/mathematical operations the Linux 
> box is 82% faster, and in disk i/o intensive operations the 
> Linux box is 141% faster.
> I would be astonished if the same were not true about MySQL!

Just out of interest, Brian, can you tell us anything about 
the relative "reboot frequency" of the two boxes?

Just recently I had to powerdown one of my Linux servers to 
allow work on the mains power supply and was rather annoyed 
because it was just short of one year [331 days as I recall].

My experience of NT has been "one reboot a week or it will 
slow to a crawl and then fall over"...

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