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From:Claudio Nanni Date:April 20 2009 6:16pm
Subject:Re: Sun bought by Oracle
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We are talking of financial moves here.
I think nothing will be touched at least for first years, I don't see 
product or services overlapping.
Oracle is one thing, MySQL another.
If they are so crazy to 'shut-down' MySQL, the second after there would 
be the fork,
MySQL could be 'closed', but the community is and will always be open.
I, myself, I would stop using MySQL immediately and switch to drizzle or 
any other fork, or any other open project.


Eric Bergen wrote:
> I don't think the purchase was about MySQL at all. I'm sure Oracle is
> far more interested in java, zfs, and solaris than they are MySQL.
> MySQL is just an added bonus that will go well with their acquisition
> of Innobase Oy a few years ago. Oracle didn't kill InnoDB and it's not
> very likely that they will kill MySQL. If you walk around the user
> conference this week you will see why it would be incredibly stupid
> try to try kill MySQL. Not that companies like Percona would let that
> happen anyway. After all it is GPL.
> On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 10:02 AM,
> <Michael.Coll-Barth@stripped> wrote:
>>> From: Peter Brawley [mailto:peter.brawley@stripped]
>>> An optimist wrote that. A pessimist, Larry Dignan at
>>>, wrote point six:
>>> "Oracle gets to kill MySQL. There's no way Ellison will let that
>>> open source database mess with the margins of his database.
>>> MySQL at best will wither from neglect. In any case, MySQL
>>> is MyToast."
>>> We ought to know who's right within half a year.
>> Is MySQL not Open Source?  Heck, I'd love to help with that.  We would
>> just have to change the name to something befitting the product.  MySQL
>> still tickles my MS warning alerts; My Pictures, My Music, My Videos,
>> etc.  How about 'GNO', pronounced like 'Know', stands for "GNO's Not
>> Oracle"?
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