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From:Eric Bergen Date:April 20 2009 5:21pm
Subject:Re: Sun bought by Oracle
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I don't think the purchase was about MySQL at all. I'm sure Oracle is
far more interested in java, zfs, and solaris than they are MySQL.
MySQL is just an added bonus that will go well with their acquisition
of Innobase Oy a few years ago. Oracle didn't kill InnoDB and it's not
very likely that they will kill MySQL. If you walk around the user
conference this week you will see why it would be incredibly stupid
try to try kill MySQL. Not that companies like Percona would let that
happen anyway. After all it is GPL.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 10:02 AM,
<Michael.Coll-Barth@stripped> wrote:
>> From: Peter Brawley [mailto:peter.brawley@stripped]
>> An optimist wrote that. A pessimist, Larry Dignan at
>>, wrote point six:
>> "Oracle gets to kill MySQL. There's no way Ellison will let that
>> open source database mess with the margins of his database.
>> MySQL at best will wither from neglect. In any case, MySQL
>> is MyToast."
>> We ought to know who's right within half a year.
> Is MySQL not Open Source?  Heck, I'd love to help with that.  We would
> just have to change the name to something befitting the product.  MySQL
> still tickles my MS warning alerts; My Pictures, My Music, My Videos,
> etc.  How about 'GNO', pronounced like 'Know', stands for "GNO's Not
> Oracle"?
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