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From:Martijn Engler Date:April 18 2009 10:58pm
Subject:Re: How to change where NULL values sort?
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They'll normally sort at the top, unless you use ORDER BY DESC.
Anyway, fixing that is easy:
SELECT col1, col1 IS NULL AS isnull
FROM tbl1
ORDER BY isnull DESC, col1 ASC

That should give you the results ordered by col1, with the null-values
at the top.

- Martijn

On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 19:54, David M. Karr <davidmichaelkarr@stripped> wrote:
> I think normally NULL values will sort at the end, correct?  I believe
> there's a way to make NULL values sort at the beginning, but I can't
> remember how to do it.  I just searched a couple of MySQL resources, but I
> couldn't find it.
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