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From:Nico Sabbi Date:April 15 2009 1:10pm
Subject:Shutdown time
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after many years that I've been using mysql (with almost all Innodb 
tables) I still can't make myself a reason of the unbearably long 
shutdown times: almost everytime it takes at least 4 minutes to stop 
completely and to kill the process; sometimes I even had to kill -9 

Currently I'm running 150 databases, 12415 tables 1694 users
and 173682 grants.

The servers are configured to use 1GB of innodb_buffer_pool_size,
innodb_log_buffer_size =8M
innodb_log_file_size  =5M
out of 4 GB available. Both run on hardware scsi raid.

What does the shutdown times depend on, and how can I reduce it?

Shutdown timeNico Sabbi15 Apr
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