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From:Gary Smith Date:April 7 2009 3:39pm
Subject:flush-host problem
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I have system that is generating a larger than normal number of connection errors.  We
know why the errors are occuring and are working to resolve them (connectivity and load
issue on the client).  The question is, how can I tweak mysql to tolerate a higher level
than normal of bad connections before banning the host.

What happens is that when we have 300-500 connections a few random ones will get mucked up
during a heavier than normal load on the client.  I have set the max connections to 3000
(which we never get close to).  

So, if there a config/startup setting to tweak to ease the banning of bad connetions thus
reducing the need for me to continually "mysqladmin flush-host" on the server?
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